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Ananda Mandala and Sound Ceremony

The Enchanted Heart

216 E Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood, NJ 07450, USA

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Event Description

Just a Few Details:

 *I will start cleaning everyone up at 7:30pm...

 *If this is your first time enjoying Our Sound Ceremony, Please note that before you enter the room which is our sacred space for the evening, and find your spot, I like to clean everyone up outside, so I will start this once everyone arrives. This takes a moment in time, so that once we are all cleaned up and ready to go, we will begin.

Please be mindful of how you sink into the time and allow yourself to be present and peaceful with the process.

 *We will be running on what I refer to as Spirit time, which means...Though I try to "stay" on time, We may run over by a few minutes or so. If you have any concerns about this, please let me know when we connect so I can be mindful of any energy or concern around time.

 Thank You for this understanding.

 *Please come as comfortable as you can. Be cozy, this is a time to cocoon. Truly.

 *Once you enter the space, consider it a time to be present to your intention. The space is our Altar and holds our intentions as soon as we walk in, consider it a *quiet time* to be in peace and that Spirit(s) is with us, begin communicating anything you'd like to release and anything you'd like to draw in.

 *If you have an intention begin to put it into play today before you arrive, our minds are the most powerful tool we have. Be Clear, The Universe is Listening.

 *Be Excited.

 *Stay Open.

 * Leave expectations at home, the sound will give you what you need for this potent time of renewal.

 * We will have yoga matts and light covers, but if you'd like to bring a pillow or anything that would make you more comfortable, bring that with you. (I Highly Recommend Bringing a Pillow for your head and a blanket...It makes for a really comfortable journey)

*Have Fun.

*Every time I enter Sound I ask Spirit to show me what I need to see or feel, this is a way to allow the energy to work for you. We all have things we'd like answers to, sometimes the answers come when we can quiet the mind and just listen, consider this an offering.

 *Be with your emotions, if something comes up, let it and then let it go. I will be there to support Your Journey.

 I'm SO grateful for your presence and SO excited to fly out into the cosmos with you all tonight. It will be Beautiful.

Thank You in advance for coming and let the sound be a wave of energy you can harness for all things good.

How exciting...Can't Wait!!! Peace and Love, JoleneStar
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Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 7:30 pm –  9:30 pm